Eyck Zimmer - Culinary director



Eyck Zimmer, our German born Culinary Director, describes his style of cooking as – authentic, cosmopolitan & all about taste.


Eyck worked in London, Berlin, Hong Kong, Switzerland & Portugal. He was awarded the prestigious Chef of the year in 2006. in the United Kingdom, and in 2008. in Portugal, as well as the Meilleur Ouvrier in Great Britain in 2000.


His style of cooking, and his passion for food, gained Eyck recognition all around the globe with many accolades and happy guests, including some very famous people like former USA president Mr Barack Obama. The French Republic awarded him in 2014. with the Merite Agricole for his services to the French gastronomy.


In 2014. Eyck returned to Germany and became Culinary Director to the Andel’s hotel Berlin where, with its sky kitchen restaurant, he gained 1* Michelin the same year.


Reservations are required and may be made by telephone: 

+381 11 3333 510 or e-mail: restaurant@squarenine.rs                                                                                                           



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