We are here to make all of those hard decisions easier, and assist you in planning every last detail of your dream wedding.


No matter whether you decide to have your wedding in one of our venues, or outside of the hotel,

Square Nine can provide the complete logistics, from organization and planning to the finest food and beverage selection,

The most elegant cake, made exactly to your specification, elegant service and special attention to every detail.


We can tailor our menus to create a unique concept that perfectly represents you.


The Square Nine hotel welcomes your wedding, grand or intimate, as a creative challenge to provide imaginative menus, personalized service and an atmosphere of bliss and love.


Our services:


  • wedding planning and supervision
  • catering
  • wedding cakes
  • flower arrangements
  • wedding decorations
  • selection of music and entertainment options


To organize your wedding at Square Nine or book any of the listed services please contact us via

telephone +381 11 33 33 517 or email:

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